Lake Fine Furniture

Artist Statement

As an artist, I feel that integrity is vital to successful work. As a woodworker, I believe this integrity can only come from a true understanding and interpretation of the wood itself. Only once I understand the wood as a raw material can I properly utilize it as a medium to express my ideas.

As a designer, I gather ideas, concepts, and strategies from many places. Important influences include: past artists and craftspeople, contemporary artisans, the wood itself, and most of all nature and all of its elements. I strive to design and create pieces that are timeless in their beauty and at home in all types of surroundings.

I use straightforward and honest joinery (no hidden shortcuts) to create my pieces. I strive to articulate joinery to show how members can join together in the most beautiful and structually sound manner possible, thus creating furniture and art that will be of heirloom quality and last many generations. As a craftsman, this is my response to today’s “temporary furniture” made of chipboard, particle board, and plywood that has become such a mainstay in our throw away culture.

As a skilled craftsperson, I seek a meaningful vocation that is socially, ethically, and morally responsible. Through my work I hope to be able to make an honest wage while at the same time providing quality products to be enjoyed by all. I hope you find my efforts to be worthwhile.

– Jeremy Janisch Lake